I'd like to thank all my music teachers:

Wanda Pascuzzi                  piano
Sister Mary Jean Lorette        piano
Kay Rojick                      folk guitar
Bud Breitenbach                 electric guitar
Mary Jane Bennett               piano
Roland Dollhopf                 chorus
Brett Edler                     choir
Colette Wilkins                 solfege
Frank Farina                    NA jazz band
John Loverti                    band
David Berlin                    electronic and music theory
Randy Purcell                   CMU jazz band

And also my close musical friends and influences:

Florence George                 piano, babysitter
Betsy Riebling                  piano, stage mother
Tia Riebling                    voice, showbiz kid
Don Edinger                     youth group worship
Jim Montgomery                  rock guitar
Jim Speicher                    best man, high school (sax, keyboards)
Pete, Tony and Rich Rossi       christian rock
Bruce Blough                    Good Vibes
Pete Paisley                    bass
Corinne Krupp                   Good Vibes
Jim Maruca                      jazz combo, high school
Janelle Burdell                 jazz/swing
Kurt Lorence                    slap bass
George Dittmeier                best man, college (sax, keyboards)
Dave                            the Most Dangerous Band in Pittsburgh
Jim Veevers                     guitar classical
Rolaldo Morales                 latino jazz
Dave Mitchell                   clever guitar
Jerry Goldenson                 pure drums
Bill Deasy                      balladeer
Eric Hertzog                    omnimusic
Rocky Ball                      Raz'Mataz, banjo
Tom Butler                      what's happenin'?
Roger Dannenberg                electronic/computer music
Carl Block                      bone from hell
Tony Campbell                   bebop
Harvey Coblin                   synth god
Kirk Botula                     composition, Renaissance man
Ken Zenkevich                   drums from hell
Steve Morrisson                 catchy pop
Jeff Babcock                    electronic acid guitar
Perry Kirk                      bean goo

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