A Matter of Existence

By Eric Riebling

The difference between nothingness (what existed before the universe existed) and everything (the entire universe as we understand it today) is the simple matter of existence. To understand this difference is to become it, through our own nonexistance (before birth) to our death and potential afterlife (where our bodies' molecules return to the control of the chaotic elements). And to believe in such an afterlife (where belief is based on unshakable faith) is to prove it, since our belief is the last remaining element of our reality as we know it (before passing away).

The reality you choose to believe is the reality that exists for you, and in the end, the only one that matters. Whether that reality is the same as someone else's is purely a matter of agreement and confirmation. Wherever a belief in the afterlife is affirmed between two people, something special is shared, which contributes to (and constitutes) their lasting experience (and their last experience). To be born is to wake up from another world, to die is to be born into yet another world. Yet the two are inherently tied together, and neither can be considered without the other.

Such is my yin and yang experience.

Copyright 1995 by Eric Riebling, All rights reserved